Because tech matters

Our vision

If you go to any Startup related meetup or conference you'll find people who have great ideas for new businesses - often in their field of expertise or their line of work. So quite a few of them have a business background but literally none of them have any idea how to actually implement their idea from the technical side.

Finding the right professional team of developers isn't easy since these people are in high demand and therefore rare and expensive.

This is where we can help. We have all the experience and expertise that is required, but instead of doing our nine to five for just another corporate we are willing to take the chance and work with you to build something great.

How it works

Your idea + our tech = Your Startup

We will implement everything required to bring your idea to life - from your first landing page to app development and a fully scalable, high performance backend.

We'll work with you as a team. Having an idea is one thing, but it's always good to discuss it with others to perfect it.

We offer our experience as Co-Founders of other Startups and work with you on the business case.

Tech for equity

We invest our time - you pay with equity, plus a little cash

We believe in your idea, just provide us with enough funds to eat and pay for accomodation.

We'll write down our hours as every freelancer working for you would, but most of the hours (including a certain markup to cover our risk) will become part of a convertible note.

Once the MVP is done you can choose if you pay the remaining hours or convert it to equity in your new company.

How we can help

We'll enable you to build a successful Startup


We'll build your MVP - fast

  • Very experienced team
  • Ready made framework
  • Field-tested tech stack


State of the art technology in all areas

  • Mobile + Web
  • Database + Backend
  • Hosting + DevOps


Let's create a pretty product

  • User Interface (UI)
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Corporate Identity (CI)

Business consulting

Our network can help you with your business.

  • Online marketing
  • Market research
  • Business development

About us

We are a group of experienced Software Developers with an ever expanding network of designers, business developers and coaches. We enjoy implementing new products and helping others with our knowledge.

We'll discuss your idea with you and build the minimum viable product (MVP) with you. If required we can add designers from our network to the team and even find experienced business developers to support you.

We'll take you from zero to MVP fast, getting you ready for business and potential investors who can help you getting to the next level.